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The Car Care Ministry (CCM) is a ministry geared towards the single parents and widows of Houston’s First Baptist Church. CCM is dedicated to providing automobile service and minor repairs for these individuals whose budgets may be stretched to the point that maintaining transportation for work, family needs and everyday life becomes a heavy burden.

CCM is a volunteer led ministry. This ministry provides free labor and honest advice, and each individual (woman) is asked to purchase any part(s) being installed. We primarily focus on routine maintenance and can offer recommendations for maintenance that should be performed by a professional mechanic.

Routine maintenance that the CCM CAN can do includes: assessments, oil changes, battery changes, air filter changes, fluid checks, some light bulb changes, alternator inspection, and brake inspection.

Maintenance that the CCM CANNOT do includes: State safety inspection, tire rotation, air conditioning, transmission, timing belt, body work/alignment.

While not every car problem can be solved by CCM, we can help determine a plan of action that will sometimes result in cheaper repairs. It is very difficult and usually impossible to “diagnose” car problems over the phone/email. Please register and come to a CCM event for a car assessment.

If you have an automotive emergency, please contact a professional mechanic shop.

Julianne Kho
(713) 957-7681

Houston's First Baptist Church - The Loop Campus (South Parking Lot)

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Registration closed on Wednesday, June 14, 2023